Logo design for DLD Productions. After initial vector logo was completed, an effects version was created to be placed on all packaging and other printed collateral, as well as all online media. A rugged futuristic style was applied to convey the nature of the company, which creates 15mm sci-fi/futuristic miniatures and ground based game systems.
Business Card Announcement
Front and back of business card style announcement. These were handed out at the Strategicon 2013 gaming convention to attendees that visited the booth.
Photo of printed piece.
Photo of printed piece.
Landing Page
An interim landing page was needed as an online presence until the full website was designed and developed. A twitter feed was included in order for visitors to interact and stay updated on the launch. The Kickstarter logo and badge were added so that supporters know a Kickstarter campaign will be existing soon.
Platoon box packaging design for the CMF faction (unfinished). Each of the four factions in the game will have a platoon box designed.
Facebook Graphic
Facebook image update graphic announcing the Kickstarter campaign. A direct link to the campaign will be posted so that fans can start supporting different pledge levels. (The campaign is pending so this graphic is not complete.)
Pledge Level Graphics
Pledge level graphics for the Kickstarter campaign explaining visually what supporters will receive if they choose a level. (Unfinished -- more graphics to come) It is important to clearly show what each of the levels includes so that supporters know exactly what to expect in their shipment.
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