FindMyMail Marketing Collateral

A new service was developed and introduced to existing customers of MMi Direct Mail that enabled users to directly track their direct mail campaigns. A military themed look was established to all the new marketing collateral in order to convey the precise tracking capabilities of the service.

Tri-fold brochure created to hand out to interested clients touring the facilities. Provides a brief overview of the logistics entailed for this service.
Front side of first postcard in drip campaign. A military themed concept was chosen to represent this service as it involves very technical and targeted ways of obtaining and tracking data.
Back side of first postcard with a QR Code included above mailing address that points to a video, which further explains this service.
Front side of second postcard in drip campaign. An upgraded version of the service was introduced by the programmers.
Back side of second postcard in drip campaign highlighting a few features of the service.
A simple eblast was sent out to existing clients in order to promote this new service.
Front and back of business card design for the new tracking service offered by MMi Direct Mail. A QR code was incorporated in the background that promoted a demo video of the product in action.
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