Magazine Print Ad

Print ad for a trade magazine. The team wanted to emphasize Ultra HD and feature the two new TV models coming out soon.
Magazine Print Ad

Print ad for a second trade magazine. The issue came out during the 2014 FIFA World Cup season, so a soccer photo was chosen as the screen image. The main message of the ad was to introduce a new model to the company's B2B channels.
Magazine Print Ad

Print ad for a third trade magazine. The main message of the ad was to push the fact that the company is jumping into the world of Ultra HD with their upcoming TV models.
Web Banners

Various web banners created for trade websites.
Icon Design

New icons were needed to replace the outdated versions the company was using for years. A sleeker and cleaner look was designed to highlight each TV feature.
Icon Design

Color effects version of icons. The brand PMS color was chosen for the main icon background.
Electronic Card Invite

An email ready electronic invite card was created to send to select press for JVC TV's press event.
Facebook Cover Images

Purpose of Facebook cover images was to captivate audience with eye-catching graphics and create buzz around JVC TV's upcoming UltraHD models.
Carton Artwork Packaging coming soon...
Rollup Banner
For their upcoming trade show, JVC TV needed a large rollup banner that highlighted their newest large screen model. The four key features of the TV were summarized at the bottom as graphics, for higher visual appeal.
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