Misc Branding (Work In Progress)

Complete branding for various companies. These are are independent startups in need of marketing collateral.

Logo Design, Landing Page, Padfolio
Complete branding for Bartolo Music Publishing, an independent rights manager and music publisher for recording artists and songwriters.
This is a work in progress as many more pieces are currently being designed. Website link coming soon...
Logo Design
Bloomfield Consulting is an independent education mediation consulting company. They are a small startup in need of several marketing pieces including a blog and landing page.
Website link/blog coming soon...
Logo Design/Marketing Collateral
Death Club is a promotions catalyst that plans special events and shows for bands and musicians ranging from industrial, metal, goth, punk and rock. They are in need of various edgy marketing collateral and branding.
More coming soon...
Logo Design/Web Store
Tonal Disaster is an online merch store in need of edgy graphics, marketing collateral and digital banner ads.
Website link and more coming soon...
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